VSX 7000 & 8000 Camera Video Quality Low


VSX 7000 & 8000 Camera Video Quality Low

VSX 7000 & 8000 camera video quality is very low, fuzzy and unclear when it is fully zoomed Out, but when zoomed In on the person the clarity is better.


I tried to reset the camera by holding the head backwards for 10sec but still same. Is some one has any fix for this issue.

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Re: VSX 7000 & 8000 Camera Video Quality Low

First thing to determine, is the video quality poor only when in a call or is it poor when the system is sitting idle.

You mention two different VSX systems so we need to determine the above.

If not in a call then what are the levels of room lighting.  Not enough light will cause poor video - standard photography rules apply.

Is there too much backlighting?

What is the history?  Was this working before?  If yes did something change?


Not sure where you heard about holding the camera to reset but that will do nothing other than possibly damaging the camera.


A system reset can be performed from the Diagnostics menu but this will only remove all system settings.


The software can be restored by using a Factory Restore process but that is rather involving and requires an FTP connection to the system.


I suggest contacting Polycom Support for further troubleshooting.


See the link below for world wide locations.



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Re: VSX 7000 & 8000 Camera Video Quality Low

The poor quality is in both call and idle. Both 7000 and 8000

Before it was clear and perfect, no changes made in codec.

Long back i read in some article to hold the camera backwards (looking up) for 10secs, the result is the video goes off and blue screen comes up for 5secs and vidoe comes back. Kind of rest or flash.

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