VSX 7000 Connection Issue


Re: VSX 7000 Connection Issue

was the router or any network device changed post which this has stopped working


i have seen a similar case, where i had to uncheck the checkbox "NAT is H323 Capable". I also had to manually put the IP address in the NAT window.


Can you try that out? the checkbox is also in the same page where you configure NAT.



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Re: VSX 7000 Connection Issue


Unchecking the checkbox "NAT is H323 Capable" did the trick.

Thank you so very much,

Kelly W.

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Re: VSX 7000 Connection Issue

Hello, I have this same problem.
I performed all the steps, and only succeeded by clearing the selection "NAT is H.323 compliant", but only audio transmission occurs between both ends, when I leave this option selected, I can not even connect the audio.