VC have problem connecting across 2 site

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VC have problem connecting across 2 site



We have a client have VC installed in 3 site, HK, China, US, there is no problem connecting point to point however they want to set US as a gateway, anyone who want to connect to the other must pass US first. We have done some testing before and found that when will tried to connect to china through US (HK->US->China or China->US->HK) will have problem and the device got hanged...


What is possibly cause this problem? Is that any reason about the OS version? All we know that is 3 VC is in 3 different version of OS, is this problem related to different OS version?


Following is our VC info



Release 8.5

SN : 82061606E32FAK



Release 8.7.1

SN : 8208170A614DAK




SN : 820627076EDEAK


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Re: VC have problem connecting across 2 site

Hi Ken,

So to get a little information, when there is no gateway involved, are the endpoints able to connect to each other without any problems?


Also, to note. It's always good to have your codec at the same software revision, I suggest updating to the latest version software as it has the most current bugfixes.


Is it just HK to China?, are there any codec in the us having problems connecting to them?

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