Unable to connect m100 to HDX7002XL

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Unable to connect m100 to HDX7002XL

Hello All,

We have the following problems:

1. We can’t connect to our HDX7002XL via H.323 from m100 on both machines the FW rules are set up correctly as described in the manuals.

If I place a call from m100 to HDX7002XL a see the incoming call message displays, after I accept the call both m100 and HDX7002XL stay in "call mode" as if I have not accepted the call.

2. Second if I place the call from HDX7002XL to m100 the connection is established, voice is OK. The problem is with the video stream I can see only the HDX7002XL video on m100 and on HDX7002XL but not the m100 on HDX7002XL.


have any one experienced the same problems?

m100 is Trial, as we want to test it.


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Re: Unable to connect m100 to HDX7002XL

Hi KDKBG (!)

Sure sounds like a firewall issue to me.

If you're in any doubt, stick the M100 on the same sub-net as the HDX & try calling both ways.


FW rules need TCP1720 open bi-directionally, (that goes for ALL H.323 calls).

Additionally you'll need the UDP & TCP ports specified in the M100 BUT the HDX uses a much wider range.

In the HDX see Admin>Network>IP>Firewall & tick the use fixed ports box.  Then expand your firewall rule to accomodate

the HDX ranges of UDP & TCP.

You may want to experiment with NAT settings.  Your Firewall probably isn't H.460 so leave that off.  Your NAT may or may not be H.323 aware, some think they are, but only for VoIP.

Check you don't have any timeouts on TCP1720 as that'll crash the call.




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