URI Dialing from VSX7000 and HDX 7000

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URI Dialing from VSX7000 and HDX 7000



We have VSX7000 and HDX7000 in our office. No gatekeeper or SIP registrar are available in the setup.


We need to dial to Cisco's CMR cloud (address format: "vc@abc.webex.com")  and also to our clients using URI (mcu@<IP Address> or mcu@video.abc.com)



We have tried the following dialing methods but failed.


1) vc@abc.webex.com

2) abc.webex.com##vc

3) vc@<IP Address>

4) <IP Address>##vc


(tried using both SIP and H.323 protocols)



Kindly confirm if HDX7000 or VSX7000 support URI dialing, if yes what's dialing format.



Thanks a ton in advance :)




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Re: URI Dialing from VSX7000 and HDX 7000

Hi I'm having the same problem.  According to Cisco:




The HDX should work if your software is version 3.1.9 or later.  I just upgrade the software.  The camera sends video, but cannot see video from the call.

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