Trouble Configuring the Network & Joining a Test Room

Max L
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Trouble Configuring the Network & Joining a Test Room

Hello. I am but a simple IT intern at a medium sized company. We received a Polycom HDX 8000 and I am tasked with configuring it. While I have experience in general IT areas, I am not familiar with the VoIP world, and the official documentation does not help me much with some of the terminology.


We are hoping to set up this unit to just communicate over the internet, not a phone line or VoIP. When I try to join any test room, it fails to connect with the error: "Your call could not be connected becasue the call was was routed through an intermediate network that doesn't service the far site. Please contact your network administrator.".


I understand that some ports need to be opened as well. Do I need to open TCP port 1720, in addition to the ones listed in the Firewall settings?



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Re: Trouble Configuring the Network & Joining a Test Room

Hi @ Max L,


Yes, you are right. You must configure the settings under "Firewall" to "fixed ports" and open all those port which are shown there. So for example 3230-3235 TCP and 3230-3280 UDP. In addition you must open TCP1720 for signaling and known SIP ports 5060 if you use SIP. Remember to NAT/forward all those ports to the internal IP of your HDX on your firewall. 


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