Trio 8800/VPro/EE Producer Tracking Framing Mode

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Trio 8800/VPro/EE Producer Tracking Framing Mode

I have an issue with the EE Producer tracking framing mode on the Trio 8800 with VisualPro.
As soon as I disable the tracking on the Trio end re-enable it on the touch screen, it always switches to Speaker Tracking and overrides the Group Framing settings of the VisualPro.
I've also configured the custom camera settings 1 for EagleEye Producer on the Trio in the field "Tracking Framing Mode" with the value "2" for Group Framing with Transition, but after disabling and re-enabling tracking on the Trio's touch screen the Speaker Tracking Mode is activated.

Any Idea how to configure the Trio for keeping the Group Framing Mode?

All devices have been upgraded to the latest software release:

Trio 8800:

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