Supported Content Resolutions for RECEIVING content

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Supported Content Resolutions for RECEIVING content


We're in a university space where we have multiple Polycom VSX 7000e/8000 and HDX 8000/9000 units spread around our campus and on our satelite campuses. We're still using the older VSX 7000/8000 units to have calls between the HDX 8000/9000 units and we're beginning to rebuild one of our HDX 8000 rooms and my question is what is the supported content resolution a VSX or HDX unit can recieve? As in- if I have an HDX connected to a call with a VSX and I want to send content to the VSX. What resolution of video must that content be to be recieved on the VSX? Can it be widescreen? Or does it have to be 1024x768? Does the HDX support this?


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Re: Supported Content Resolutions for RECEIVING content

The VSX 7000 and 8000 are very different in their support of People+Content as the 8000 has additional processing power the 7000 does not have.

In videoconferencing there is a CAPs (capability) exchange at the beginning of the call. Each unit tells the other what they can support and they 'agree' upon what they will use. This is referred to the highest common denominator. This is both units sending all that they can do and finding out the ‘best’ they can both do.

So in this case the best will be what the VSX can do since it is the older and less capable unit. The best you will get is based upon the configuration of the VSX and I would recommend you check out the admin guide to see the best way to configure it. You will get a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 on the content channel. Though most likely it will be 4CIF/4SIF. The HDX as part of the CAPs exchange will scale the video to what the VSX can handle.

Also be aware that the VSX can support anamorphic video (wide-screen SD or less resolutions) and that is not HD, but just a different way of rendering 4x3 video.

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