Solution for Extra Large Room (G7500+C60)

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Solution for Extra Large Room (G7500+C60)



I have a client who is looking for a video conferencing solution for an extra large room (8x11 meters ans 20 seats).


I want to suggest a G700 with an EagleEye IV 12x. I don't know the video conferencing solution my client is using yet, he will probably use Zoom Rooms (which will be configured on the G7500) Or Cisco WebEx on his laptop.


Now my questions are:

        1. If he uses his laptop with the G7500 on device mode via USB, can i add a C60 for its speakers and mic and up to how many (daisy chained, would they all work together as many speakers and mics)?

        2. If he uses native ZR on the G7500 and uses a C60 as a controller, what kind of Speakers expansion can i add to the meeting room as it can not be daisy chained with other C60s?


Here is attached, a pic of the meeting room.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Solution for Extra Large Room (G7500+C60)

Hi @abderrahmane,


if you connect TC8 and Trio C60, you can daisy-chain two C60 and it works. BUT it is not officially supported by Poly, afaik. Officially supported is only one C60 connected to a G7500. But it is also possible to use C60 with its optional external mics.

Maybe a second option for you are ceiling mics? You can attach 3x IP ceiling mics to the G7500 and each has a radius abround 36qm. Should also work in your room.

You can run this scenario with device mode or Zoom, doesn´t matter.

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Re: Solution for Extra Large Room (G7500+C60)

Thank you for your answer @mshu !


So if i install some ceiling mics, can i still pair a C60 for its speakers, and would its mics works with the ceiling mics as well?

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