[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 PolyOS 4.0 was released

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[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 PolyOS 4.0 was released

Hello all,


the long-anticipated Poly OS 4.0.0-376092 was released.






  • After updating a system to VideoOS 4.0, the software CANNOT be downgraded.
  • After upgrading the Poly Studio X or G7500 the system will now run Android 10 and no longer Android 8.1
  • A TC8 or a TC10 (TC10 not supported for Microsoft Teams) will continue to run Android 9
  • VideoOS 4.0 is not supported in environments running Poly Workflow Suite (formerly Workflow Server) on Windows Server 2016 machines.


!!! Note : You must upgrade your systems to VideoOS 3.14.1 or 3.14.2 before installing VideoOS 4.0 software !!!


Before updating your system, review the Poly VideoOS 4.0 Release Notes.


At this time, VideoOS 4.0 is available as a manual update through Poly Lens. To learn more about the features and benefits of Poly Lens, see the Poly Lens website.


At present we only offer PolyOS 4.0 to people who use Poly Lens.


Either per Device:



Or as a Poly per device policy




Similar options are available for Sites etc.


VideoOS 4.0 will be available for download on the Poly support site soon.




Poly G7500, Poly Studio X70, Poly Studio X50, and Poly Studio X30


This Poly VideoOS software build also contains the following device software versions:

  • Poly TC10/TC8 Controller 4.0.0
  • Poly Microphone IP Adapter 3.0.1
  • Poly IP Table Microphone 3.0.0
  • Poly EagleEye Cube USB Camera 1.3.1
  • Poly Studio E70 Camera 1.7.0

What’s New in This Release


Poly VideoOS 4.0.0 is a major software release with updated features, upgrades, and important field fixes. VideoOS 4.0.0 includes the same features and enhancements as Poly VideoOS 3.14.2, with the following new features:

  • Important Upgrade Information for VideoOS 4.0.0
  • Updating Your System to VideoOS 4.0.0
  • Recover a System Updated to VideoOS 4.0.0. from 3.13.1 or earlier
  • Platform Update to Android 10
  • Factory Restore Partition Update to 4.0.0
  • Certification for Microsoft Teams on Poly G7500 and Studio X70
  • Support for Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams Sign-In
  • Poly Lens Connection Fix
  • Update to Poly Support Site Software Download URL
  • Partner Application Updates

Important Update Information for VideoOS 4.0.0

Because this is a major Android platform update, note the following important information when updating to VideoOS 4.0.0:

  • Downgrading to previous VideoOS versions is not supported. Once you update your system to VideoOS 4.0.0, you cannot downgrade.

  • Your system must be running VideoOS 3.14.1 or later before updating to VideoOS 4.0.0.
    If your system is running software earlier than VideoOS 3.14.1, you must first update your system to VideoOS 3.14.1 or later.
    Upgrading from earlier versions to 4.0.0 is not supported.

  • Upgrading from an earlier version to 4.0.0 without first upgrading to 3.14.1 or 3.14.2 is an untested upgrade path that may result in your system not functioning correctly.
    Update and downgrade restrictions don’t apply to peripherals.

  • Currently, VideoOS 4.0 doesn’t support Poly Workflow Suite (formerly Workflow Server) running on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to retrieve calendar information. If you use Poly Workflow Suite (formerly Workflow Server) with Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Poly recommends waiting to update your system until VideoOS supports it.

Updating Your System to VideoOS 4.0.0

  • VideoOS 4.0.0 is not released as an automatic update through the Poly support site.
  • VideoOS 4.0.0 is available through Poly Lens, to register your system with Lens, see Poly Lens Online Help.
  • VideoOS 4.0.0 is also available through Microsoft Teams Admin Center.


Recover a System Updated to VideoOS 4.0.0 from 3.13.1 or Earlier

If you performed an unsupported update from VideoOS 3.13.1 or earlier to VideoOS 4.0.0 your system may not function properly. If this happens, perform a system reset.

  1. In the system web interface go to Diagnostics > System Reset.
  2. Select Reset All System Configurations. This clears all system configurations and performs a system restart.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, do a pinhole factory reset, which brings your system back to a clean state. You then need to complete an out of box setup.

Platform Update to Android 10

With this release, your system updates from Android 8.1 to Android 10.0


For Microsoft Teams Android 10 certification for all devices extended thru 2025 

Factory Restore Partition Update to 4.0.0

This release updates the system’s factory restore partition to 4.0.0.

Certification for Microsoft Teams on Poly G7500 and Studio X70

This release includes support for Microsoft Teams, which is now certified on the Poly G7500 and Poly Studio X70 systems. For more information on system setup and configuration, see the Poly Partner Mode Administrator Guide.

NOTE: Poly recommends using certified configuration options with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft provides support for certified hardware configurations. Poly provides support for supported hardware configurations.

Poly G7500 Supported Configurations

The following Poly G7500 configuration is certified by Microsoft Teams:

  • One Poly TC8 touch controller
  • One Poly Studio E70 camera
  • Up to three Poly IP table microphones
  • Analog audio output

The following products are supported on Poly G7500 with Microsoft Teams:

  • One Polycom Stereo Speaker Kit
  • One Poly IR Remote Control
  • One TC8 touchscreen display
  • Up to three Poly IP ceiling microphones
  • Up to two Poly Trio C60 or Poly Trio 8800 conference phones as audio devices only (not as controllers).


Studio X70 Supported Configurations

Poly Studio X70 with Microsoft Teams is certified with one Poly TC8 touch controller and one RealPresence Debut expansion microphone. Only the built-in camera is supported.

Support for Google Meet

This release includes support for Google Meet on Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50, and Poly Studio X70 systems and a TC8 or TC10 Poly Touch Controller.


The first Android-based, single codec video appliance that works with Google Meet





Only built-in cameras are supported. You must have a Google Workspace with available Meet licences to access Google Meet.

Poly Studio X Series with Google Meet supports:

  • One 1080p or 4k monitor
  • One TC8/TC10 touch controller
  • Arrives with PolyOS 4.0.
  • Video 720p/30fps.
  • Calendar One Touch Join .
  • Content Sharing via Browser Client/Companion Mode (In your browser, enter g.co/companion).
  • Call a Phone.
  • Meet App Shares UI design with Chromebox for Meet Room Kits.
  • Familiar UX with no learning curve for Google Meet users.

The above completes the complete portfolio as the only supplier for Video, Phones, and headsets.


Not supported:

  • Dual Display
  • HDMI Ingest
  • Poly G7500

New with Poly Studio X, devices can be enrolled with a code, and administrators no longer have to be onsite to log in as an administrator to add a room.






Microsoft Teams Sign-in

Microsoft Teams now requires a sign-in if you switch to Teams from another provider.

Poly Lens Connection Fix

This release contains a fix to ensure a more stable connection between the system and the Poly Lens cloud.




  • Zoom Smart Gallery stability improvements
  • Future Zoom SW release, based on Poly OS 4.0, Zoom will support 3 streams @720p, and multi-camera support for Poly X50/X70

Update to Poly Support Site Download URL

As of VideoOS 3.14.1 the Poly support software download site URL has been changed to swupdate.lens.poly.com
If necessary, update your firewall settings and make sure your system has access to this site.

Partner Application Updates

Poly VideoOS 4.0.0 includes the following partner updates


Partner Application Updates





Microsoft Teams


Admin Agent:


1449/ Company Portal:


•     Allow initiate Whiteboard setting.

•     Enable touch screen controls setting.

•     For more information on this Microsoft Teams Room release, see the Microsoft Teams Rooms website.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms:

Zoom Rooms Controller


•     Maintenance release.

•     For more information on this Zoom Room release, see the Zoom website.

Google Meet


•     Initial release on VideoOS.

•     For more information on Google Meet, see Google Meet website

Ring Central

•     Meeting summaries and video highlights

•     Live Transcription

•     For more information on Ring Central, see Ring Central website

Tencent Meeting


•     Maintenance release.

•     For more information on this Tencent release, see the Tencent website.




Older releases:

  • Older 3.14.2 release >here<
  • Older 3.14.1 release >here<
  • Older 3.14.0 release >here<
  • Older 3.13.0 release >here<
  • Older 3.12.0 release >here<
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  • Older 3.6.0 release >here<
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  • Older 3.3.4 release >here<
  • Older 3.3.2 release >here<
  • Older 3.3.1 release >here<
  • Older 3.3 release >here<
  • Older 3.2.3 release >here<


To downgrade to any other release navigate to the Web UI and select General Settings > Device Management > Change Download Update and select Custom Server URL and use one of the below >here<:











If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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