[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 3.6.0 was released

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[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 3.6.0 was released

Hello all,


we just released software for the G7500, Studio X50 and Studio X30



  • When updating to Poly VideoOS 3.6.0, you must restart your system a second time after the update completes.


This Poly VideoOS software build also contains the following device software versions:
● Poly TC8 3.6.0
● Poly Microphone IP Adapter 3.0.0
● Poly IP Table Microphone 3.0.0
● Poly EagleEye Cube USB camera 1.3.1
● Poly Studio E70 camera 1.0.2


Poly VideoOS 3.6.0 includes the following features:

● Support for Poly Studio E70 Camera
● Poly Control App
● Support for Extron Environment Controls
● Zoom Smart Gallery
● Support for Zoom Rooms 5.7.0
● Studio X50 and Studio X30 Group Framing and Speaker Framing Enhancements
● Deleting a Certificate from TC8 Device
● Device Mode Auto Launch
● Configuring RealPresence Resource Manager Heartbeat Interval
● Command-Line API Command Enhancements


NOTE: There is an option to select Microsoft Teams for the G7500 but this is neither supported by Poly or our Partner Microsoft and any posts about this will be closed down!


Studio X50 and Studio X30 Microsoft Teams Version 1449/


Poly Control app


The Poly Control App enables you to control a G7500, Studio X30, or Studio X50 system in Poly Video provider Mode only from your mobile device.

Note: This is a preview feature that may be removed or changed in a future release.

After you connect to the video system, you can place and manage calls, control camera settings, and interact with shared content. You must be in the room with the video system and connect the mobile device to the same wireless network as the system.

The following features aren’t available on the computer or mobile device controlling the system:

● Device mode
● Environment controls
● System settings (only system information displays)


You can enable users to control the G7500 or a Studio X Family system from a computer or mobile device.


  1. In the system web interface, go to General Settings > Home Screen.
  2. Under Poly Control Information, select the check box for Enable and Show Poly Control Info.SteffenBaierUK_0-1659695848155.png


  3. Select Submit.
  4. To access browse to http://IP_of_Device/control
  5. The host system will display a pairing code:


  6. Enter the code on the Browser of the device which is being used to control the G7500 or Studio X:



  7. Now the browser can control the deviceSteffenBaierUK_0-1628159953050.png



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