[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 3.5.0 was released

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[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 3.5.0 was released

Hello all,


Poly announces the release of Poly VideoOS software 3.5.0-344025 This Poly VideoOS software build contains the following device software versions:


  • Poly TC8 3.5.0
  • Poly Microphone IP Adapter 3.0.0
  • Poly IP Table Microphone 3.0.0
  • Poly EagleEye Cube USB camera 1.3.1 


What is included in this release?   


In addition to including features previously supported within the Poly G7500 and Studio X video software family, this software provides the following new feature and capabilities:

  • Microsoft Teams Enhancements (Microsoft Teams Version 1449 Jun 15, 2021 7:45:59 PM)
  • Support for Zoom Rooms 5.6.6
  • Saving Logs to Internal Storage
  • Support for Pairing TC8 with Wi-Fi as the Primary Network
  • Camera Improvements

     Consult the G7500  and Studio X Release for more details.


Microsoft Teams Enhancements


We've added some improvements related to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android. This is Teams certified firmware 1449 / following Poly Video OS 3.3.2. Posting to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center will be posted at intervals of 2-3 weeks after release.


  • Improved video transmission stability
  • Support for touchscreen configuration for primary and secondary monitors
  • Improved video resolution, including support for 1080p and 540p
  • Support for three simulcast video streams
  • Video resolution improvements in low-light conditions



You can see the version and history of Teams Admin Center below.


Product release information for Teams Rooms on Android


Pairing the TC8 with a Poly Studio when using Microsoft Teams


  • After the device is running the same Software as the Poly Studio sign in using the same account and/or method used to sign in to Microsoft Teams on the Studio X

  • Once signed in the TC8 is looking for devices within the same network

  • Once selected a Pair code will appear on the Studio X

  • Enter the Code on the TC8


Support for Zoom Rooms 5.6.6


Zoom Rooms and Zoom Rooms Controller applications on the G7500, Studio X50, and Studio X30 Poly VideoOS software 3.5.0 are now 5.6.6. Function additions and bug fixes are available for Zoom Rooms for Appliance 5.6.6.





As of June 22, the latest is 5.6.7, but after registering with ZDM as Zoom Rooms, you can update the application alone.



  • Older 3.3.4 release >here<
  • Older 3.3.2 release >here<
  • Older 3.3.1 release >here<
  • Older 3.3 release >here<
  • Older 3.2.3 release >here<

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