Software 6.0.1 special feature for GS 700

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Software 6.0.1 special feature for GS 700

To improve the reliability of the GS 700 Polycom has introduced a new feature in the software release 6.0.1 that enhances the ventilation flow.  Please update your GS 700 to get this enhancement.


from the release notes:

Maximum Ventilation Option

The Maximum Ventilation Option reduces thermal stress to the power supply by increasing the fan speed

from 35% to 80%. This is useful when the system is used in higher thermal areas such as enclosures with

limited ventilation, 24/7 operations, hosting multipoint calls and sharing content.


By default the option is checked On resulting in the increase of the fan speed up to 80%. The fan runs at a

lower speed (35%), thus reducing the fan speed and increasing thermal stress on the power supply, when

the option is un-checked.


The Maximum Ventilation Option is applicable for the Polycom RealPresence Group Series 700 system only.


To set the Maximum Ventilation Option:

In the web user interface, go to Diagnostics > System > System Log Settings > Maximum Ventilation



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