Room setup with Crestron Environments

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Room setup with Crestron Environments

We're moving to new office space in a few months and have been spending a lot of time on Meeting Room technology.  Since we are already have an investment in Group Series 300s and 500s, we are building on that investment. 


Our new large meeting room will be more complex and have a Crestron Interface to manage multiple source inputs.  I am concerned about the removal of the Polycom Touch Panel in this environment.  The Crestron allows you to select the Group Series as a source, but it doesn't allow you to join meetings in that interface.  My AV Integrator wants us to use the Polycom remote for that.  I'm uneasy with that - as I feel that the new Polycom Touch Panels provide more granular control - in a slick package.  But that also presents a confusing issue of Two Touch Panels.  One for the Crestron - and one for the Polycom Group Series. 


Anyone in the community with experience with this issue and how did they handle it?




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Re: Room setup with Crestron Environments

We recently did this. Polycom released the API set for calendaring. It is tricky as there is no "JOIN" Api but a set of commands that build the button. The integrator/programmer did have some challenges as its a newer feature but ultimatley we were able to have the JOIN button built. Aslo, note that the crestron solution cant populate all the upcoming meetings, only the meetings for that DAY

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