Replace Eagle Eye HDX Camera?

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Replace Eagle Eye HDX Camera?

So this has been asked several times.  We run two technologies side by side in our conference room.  Polycom HDX systems and Zoom Cloud Conferencing.  To do this, we would need to have two cameras.  the Eagle Eye for the HDX and a USB camera for the Zoom Room.


I've seen a lot of chatter on this over the years, but I'd like to know specifically if it is possible to replace the eagle eye camera with something that is USB capble and supports DVI-I.


The camera we are looking at is the Saber Camera VDO360


Anyone have any thoughts  I've seen the HDCI breakout cables, but would that work?  Can I use that to convert the signal to a DVI-I input?


Also, I am aware that we would not have the ability to use the remote control which is fine.  It is built into our control panel and works that way.








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Re: Replace Eagle Eye HDX Camera?

Ifyou check the HDX Admin Guide under the section about Connecting Cameras you will see what type of analog connections the HDCI input can take, as well as the resolutions/frame rates that can be used.


Polycom has HDCI adapter cables, please refer to the Integrator's Reference Manual for those to work with your application.

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