RealPresence Touch can not factory reset\update\downgrade

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RealPresence Touch can not factory reset\update\downgrade

Hello dear,


please advise and help. I can not update RP Touch to newer version. Appears error: A file error occured during the software installation process. The software update will be cancelled. Contact your administrator for assistance. factory restore image.

RealPresence Touch with 2.1.5-279 OS version.

RP Group500 has version.


I have tried to use difiirents version to update from 2.0.0 to latest - same result.

I have tried to Reset to Factory settings using Reset button and USB method: After connect power cable with pressed Reset button only logo screen appears and no any pictures on a screen of RP Touch. Screen of error and log from RP Touch in attachemnt.

The RP Touch is working properly with currect version of software.

Is there any other way to restore the RP touch to factory setting? I have do any approach) 

I'm ready to do any actions or provide more details, video or log file from 


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Re: RealPresence Touch can not factory reset\update\downgrade



If they are stuck even doing a factory reset I would have them call in to Support so that they can be helped in real-time.  PGS can walk them through USB Restore and make sure they are doing that procedure correctly.  If the RPT is bricked, they can assist with RMA.

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