RealPresence Group 500 Picture-in Picture

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RealPresence Group 500 Picture-in Picture



How would one disable or deactivate the the picture-in picture screen in the lower right corner?  When we just would like to present content to the TV screens, we would only like to see the broadcasted content.


Please advise.

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Re: RealPresence Group 500 Picture-in Picture



The best way is to exchange codecs with Mr. Jonths, he has >>> just opposite problem <<<   );-)))


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Re: RealPresence Group 500 Picture-in Picture

Great response, worth a hearty laugh.


Use the 'self-view' options and choose the right layout. 


Also make sure you are up to the current software, 4.3 as of this response, to make sure you have all the options.


Self-view is discussed in the RealPresence Group Series.  It is controlled both by Admin settings and from the local menu.


In the web interface, go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Menu Settings.

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