RealPresence Desktop Address book

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RealPresence Desktop Address book



I'm trying out the trial version of RealPresence Desktop.  It is a stand alone unit and may only add one or two more for sure if the trial goes well.


(1)  Is there a way to import a list of contacts and their device addresses to the local address book/contacts list?  Looking for an easier way to populate it without manually entering them one by one and


(2) it appears that if I make a mistake entering a device IP address for a contact that, once it is saved, I can't go back and edit anything about a person's device.  I can edit the person, but not the device.  I can delete the user altogether and re-enter him/her and re-add the device(s).  Is this correct? 

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Re: RealPresence Desktop Address book

To import user profile:
1 Log into RealPresence Desktop.
2 Click the RealPresence Desktop logo on the left of the application's title bar.
3 Click Import User Profile from the menu.
4 Select a file containing user data. The file can be a file exported from RealPresence Desktop,
Polycom CMA Desktop, or Telepresence m100 from another PC.
5 Select the user data from the Import User Profile dialog.
6 Click Import.
7 Click OK. RealPresence Desktop will be restarted

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