Real Presence Group 500 Audio input

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Real Presence Group 500 Audio input

Dear All,


I am using "Real Presence Group 500" and trying to connect Non-Polycom Microphone into 3.5mm jack for Microphone.

I try to configure by following way but cannot find any setting regarding 3.5mm jack.


Can anyone advice me how I can connect it?



1 In the web interface, go to Admin Settings > Audio/Video > Audio >Audio Input.


2 Do the following:
 a Enable Use 3.5 mm Input for Microphone.
 b Enable Echo Canceller.
 c Adjust the 3.5 mm Level if necessary.
 d Speak into the microphones that are connected to the audio line inputs. The audio meter should peak at about 5 dB for normal speech.


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Re: Real Presence Group 500 Audio input

This is a LINE level input, it wouldn't work with microphone directly. You need in some microphone mixer/preamplifier to feed your GS 500 with  a LINE level signal. 

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