Random Calls into all Polycom Systems

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Random Calls into all Polycom Systems

I want to see if others in this community are experiencing the same issue and found a possible fix. 


I deal with 72 endpoints in school settings. Most of these are HDX Series Polycoms with a handful of VSX 7000's thrown in and a LifeSize or two. Several of these units (all variety's of models, software versions) are receiving random calls that will connect with loopback video. There is no video or audio from the other site. The IP that is dialing in varies as well. Sometimes it disconnects itself after a few minutes, sometimes we have to manually disconnect. The most common name that appears from the dialer is CISCO. 


SIP is turned off, they are not SIP calls. Which we have dealt with before. We do daily classes with the equipment and have auto-answer turned on so that the someone doesn't have to answer the call each hour. Most of the classes are being automatically dialed through a bridge. I would rather not have to turn the auto-answer off due to this. 


For those units that have an internal MCU, then the call will ring while it is currently in a class...very annoying to students and teachers! We have tried turning off snmp. But I don't have any other ideas. 


If you have seen this or know a fix, please let me know! Thank you!!

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Re: Random Calls into all Polycom Systems

Hello audramay,

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This is a bit similar like someone calling your Phone number.


You need to identify the IP address or range from which this calls originate and then block these in your firewall.

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Re: Random Calls into all Polycom Systems

I'm seeing the same thing here at my University. Random dial ins from various IP's. Checking the whois on these IP's reveals various origins - some international and some in the US. Looking at the call detail log it appears to be happening as frequently as every 4 minutes and that appears to be a repeating pattern on some codecs (4 minutes between calls and never with the same IP). I have considered creating a whitelist to add to our firewall to block all unknown IP's. What did you do to remedy the situation, or is it still occuring?

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Re: Random Calls into all Polycom Systems

We have also seen this, and are looking into ways of reducing the disruptive impact on non-VC classes. It adds an extra step, but if you turn on the "Do Not Disturb" function the calls do not cause the VC Unit to ring, just don't forget to turn it off again when you want a call to come in! We use external control systems (AMX, Extron) so adding that trigger based on room use status should be easy, but not everyone, even us, has systems like that in every room.

Our Infrastructure guys are hesitant to block ranges, or that many individual IP's, so we are looking at blocking them when we can at the Polcom itself.



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Re: Random Calls into all Polycom Systems

We are experiencing the same thing at our University.  I have found that if you go into the Audio Settings and set the Sound Effects Volume to 0, the Polycom will not ring during the class.  

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