RPG 500 auto update

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RPG 500 auto update



So I had a strange incident with one of our customers RPG 500 environments.

This Monday all of their systems decided to update themself with no input from any of the system admins. Since they did not have an active contract to do so however the update failed and we could  cancel and reboot the system. However the systems still tried to update every 5-10 minutes which rendered them inoperable for our customer.


The only solution i could find was to delete the address for the update server in the system settings.

Since they are provisioned then we were not able to untick the auto update box.


The systems are not on the same geographical locations or networks. The only common denominator is that they are installed at the same customer. We have several other RPG environments with the exact same settings as these in which we have never run into this kind of issue.


Any suggestions to why and how these systems all of a sudden decided to update themself?

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