RPG 500 and Zulty's MXMeeting

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RPG 500 and Zulty's MXMeeting

Hi all,


I have a RPG 500 setup that I want to be be able to use to contact (voice/video) a US client, however, they use a system called Zulty's MXMeeting. I have been advised by other sources that it's unlikely the two are able to communicate but then a Polycom rep has told me that if MXMeeting supports Lync, SIP ir H323 then there is a possibility they could speak to each other. Bit confused!!


If the two cannot talk to each other what other options do I have on the table. Would Skype for Business be my best fallback or maybe the US client could use Real Presence Desktop to onnect to our RPG 500 system in the UK? How do either of those work? Presumably I'd need to setup Port Forwarding and if so which ports?


Would be very greatful for any help and advice.


Many thanks.

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Re: RPG 500 and Zulty's MXMeeting

INTEROPERABILITY, the reason there are standards in the world of electronic communications.


Polycom endpoints and infrastructure are standards compliant, and to communicate to another video or voice terminal (device) they would also need to be standards compliant.  The list that you got from your Polycom representative are the standards that the Polycom terminals support.


If the Zulty's MXMeeting does not support the standards than possibly a bridging service, like Zoom or Bluejeans, can provide the gateway services needed to join multiple systems with different protocols together.


Your other suggestions would also be solutions.

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