RP Group 500 and IP7000 and Audio Only Calls

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RP Group 500 and IP7000 and Audio Only Calls

I've integrated an IP7000 and RP Group 500, with the IP7000 connected to the netowrk with it's own SIP extension so it would manage Audio-only calls.


Most everything is working well, the only thing I'm having an issue with is incoming Audio-only calls, being able to readily answer/distinguish them on the IP7000.


I'm trying to create a single extension to dial into the room, regardless of if the far end is trying establish an audio-only call or video call. I've been able to do that with a Hunt Group (on Unify's OpenScape Voice platform), and when called, the result on the IP7000 is two incoming calls on the display, and depending on the call selected, determines if the call is answered as a video call or audio only. The problem is that there's nothing on the display differentiaing the two calls; they look exactly the same, displaying "FROM:<Caller-ID>".


When I check the call logs for answered calls, video call show answered as "Line 2 (Video)".


My question is, is there anyway to have the IP7000 display which line is which when the call is ringing?


Of course, if there's a more elegnant or simpler way that Polycom recommends for single extension dialing, while maintaining Audio-only option on the IP7000, I'm open to that as well.


Thank you in advance,



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Re: RP Group 500 and IP7000 and Audio Only Calls

Hello Trevor,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

It is always useful to include the currently used SIP or UC Software version as issues experienced or a question asked may already be addressed in a newer release.  Also the Software Version of the Group Series

This also allows yourself and others to check against current software release notes, Administrator Guides or FAQ post’s.

The above is also stated in the "Read First" within the VoIP Section

Therefore the Polycom VoIP FAQ contains this post here:

Question: How can I find out my SIP or UC Software Version of my Phone?
Resolution: Please check here


In addition the SoundStation IP7000 only supports one Line so there is no difference.


Where are the two SIP extensions terminated and how?

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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Re: RP Group 500 and IP7000 and Audio Only Calls

Steffan, thanks for the reply.


The UC s/w Version of the IP7000 is

BootROM s/w Version of the IP7000 is


The system software for the RP Group 500 is 6.0.0-280932. I know there's 6.0.1 Available now, however I didn't see anything in the release notes that addresses this concern/feature.


Both SIP Extensions (one for the IP7000 and one for the RPG 500) terminate to the SIP Server of the Unify OSV, within the OUC Network.


I understand the IP7000 only supports one line, however setup in the manner in which I do; both phone and RPG with unique SIP extension, and both SIP extensions in a hunt group that rings both simultaneously; when a call comes in to the hunt group, the IP7000 audibly rings and the display shows 2 incoming calls; one that his ringing the IP7000 Extensiton, and one that rings the RPG 500 Extension; and both calls look identical, showing only the incoming caller ID. With this I'm able to use the directional keys to select which to answer (effectively choosing Video or Audio only).


When I review the "Answered" call logs on the IP7000, I can see both the calls answered as Audio Only and those answered as Video. For those that are answered as Video, there's a line under "more Info" that displays "Line 2 (Video)". This tells me, that in order to support the RPG 500 integration, somewhere in the IP7000's programming, it identifies and communication from the Walta cable connected back to the RPG 500 as "Line 2 (Video)". This would also indicate to me that the soft keys used for PHONE and VIDEO when the IP7000 is idle, actually represent Line 1 and Line 2 within the IP7000, and these are just Friendly lables for video integration.


What I'm hoping for is a way to have those same labels appear on the display for incoming calls, to identify which is ringing when a call comes in to the IP7000.


Thank you.

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