RP Group 500 Firewall NAT Mass deployment

Ashley Bellamy
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RP Group 500 Firewall NAT Mass deployment



We are currently in the process of deploying around 12 RP Group 500 series VC units in our office and are restricted on the number of public IP addresses we can use to NAT the units through the firewalls, does anyone have any suggests on how we can deploy the devices using 1 or 2 Public IPs?


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: RP Group 500 Firewall NAT Mass deployment



Take a look at >>> Video Border Proxy <<< and >>> RP Access Director <<< and choose the solution the most suitable for you.


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steve from accounting
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Re: RP Group 500 Firewall NAT Mass deployment

Hi Ashely. We currently have the following in our environment-


2x gs 500

1x gs 310

1x trio 8800

2x hdx 4500

3x cisco dx 80s 


all running off a single IP. We do regular testing and conferencing using both h.323 and sip registered and unregistered with no issue. If you are just doing outgoing calls this shouldn't be an issue. for h.323 you might run into some problems with media latching. If you are going to be doing point to point calls you'll need a gatekeeper. 

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