Polycom group 500 series

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Polycom group 500 series


We have a Polycom group 500 series and we cannot get access to the web interface we have tried most options that we could chamge for it, but none of these seem to work. tried using putty to SSh and Tenet to it as well but to no avail


any ideas???

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Re: Polycom group 500 series

It is a web based interface and the supported web browsers are documented in the release notes. 


You should get to the interface by using the IP address of the system.


The only thing that could stop you from accessing it is if someone has limited that access.  To check that you can look in the embedded UI on the display and go to Settings > Administration > Security > Remote Access > Enable Web Access.

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Re: Polycom group 500 series

Check the IP address of your Polycom and the IP address of the PC you are using to access the Web UI. Are the IP ranges different? In many corporate networks, video endpoints are put on to a different VLAN then regular computers. Usually there is a Firewall which allows/block access so the two can talk together. In your case it sounds like there is a firewall or something blocking that connection. In my company, I need to connect to VPN in order to have access to the network our Polycoms connect to. Hope that helps!



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