Polycom Touch Panel not able to upgrade

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Polycom Touch Panel not able to upgrade



I tried upgrading the Polycom Touch Panel for a Group Series 500, but the Touch does not see the USB Stick.

I have tried using multiple memory sticks to confirm that is not the issue. I have also done a factory reset on the Touch Panel but I'm still unable to update the Operating Software using a USB Stick.

Current Version on the Touch Panel and Codec: 6.1.4-400053
Operating Software: 2.0.0-198

Error I'm getting on the Touch Panel when it restarts: Required Platform version: 2.1.4-268 not available.

Anyone else have a simmilar issue?

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Karthik  Sivaram
Polycom Employee

Re: Polycom Touch Panel not able to upgrade

Hi Cornelis,

Thanks for your question.

1) Download the compatible touch panel software for your GS version from here :

2)  Do a manual upload  of  the Touch panel software on the GS unit :

And then manually pair the touch panel with the GS unit . This will give you a pop up on the touch panel to upgrade the software and the software will be pulled from the GS unit.

Hope this helps!

Karthik Sivaram

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Re: Polycom Touch Panel not able to upgrade

when i attempted what Karthik suggested, i'm getting this bounceback: "The software update package file must have a .tar file extension."


i believe this is b/c the file posted on the Polycom support website is a .zip file and not a .tar. is the fix to basically repackage the file as a .tar file? or is there more to it?


thanks much in advance~

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