Polycom RPG 500 Boot Looping

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Polycom RPG 500 Boot Looping

Hi Everyone,


I have a problem with Group Series 500, after upgrading to the new software release 6.1.4  and enabling Skype4B in the unit, it doing a looping process and never end.

If I disconnect the cable from the network, it is booting normally, but when connect it to the network, it going to booting loop again.

Can anyone suggest what I should do?

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Re: Polycom RPG 500 Boot Looping

Hi Emad. You did not post that you tried an alternate network cable, switch port, switch/hub so that's suggestion 1.

Boot loops were caused by incorrectly or badly fitted mic (& sometimes camera) cables.  Doubtfull here since it boots OK without the Network cable, but it's allways worth booting ANY device that has peripherals that depend on the devices power, without those peripherals connected to narrow down the issue to the base, peripherals or their cables.

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