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Polycom PVX

My apologies if this is not the right forum but this is the closest I could go to. i need some help here.


I am tryng to use Polycom PVX on my home Vista computer with VERION FIOS. I hv spent 3-4 hours...


When I try to dial the IP as given in this TEST NUMBERS link http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/documentation/video_test_numbers.html

all I get is RINGING tone...I have opened ports as mentioned in http://supportdocs.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/global/documents/support/user/products/video/p...

Ports 1720, 1503, 5060, 3230 to 3237

I am about to give up....Any ideas on how I can get some good support or pointers?? I suspect it could be some ports on the FIOS router but need some directions, tools , logs or KB article


thanks....my email id is zmbharmal@hotmail.com

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Polycom Employee

Re: Polycom PVX

Hello Zmbharmal,


I understand that you are having some issues with connecting your PVX to our test numbers. You mentioned at this point that you are running Windows Vista. What type of processor is running in this PC? What version of PVX are you currently running?  If you are running Windows Vista we would recommend the installation of release 8.0.4 on your PC. This may adjust depending on if there is a I series processor in your PC. If that is the case we would recommend installing release 8.0.16 from the link below.




You mentioned that you had opened a few ports on your router. Where these opened for TCP or UDP or both? If you attempt to dial into are you able to connect?

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