Polycom HDX 7000 problems and configuration examples assistance

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Polycom HDX 7000 problems and configuration examples assistance


We have a HDX7000 with connection errors (sometimes) The unit sits on lan (nat) to public address. Firewall is a Mikrotik routerboard with H323 helper. The problems we sometimes experience is that there will be video but no voice, or sometimes voice with no video. Normally voice will take precedence over video so it can be assumed we have line issues. But the video with no voice does not make sense. I have nat'ed the device 1.1 and disabled the firewall.

My questions are

1. does the H323 helper need to be turned of on the firewall as suggested by some white papers and nat turen on on the hdx or vice versa.

2. Can the hdx sit on a public network with no firewall. (security)

3. I bought a VBP 4555 to remove the firewall. Will it act as a firewall for the HDX

4. I need a simple setup for the VBP and HDX where the HDX is on a private lan (1:1 nat) that will allow whitelisted clients to connect only. The network setup is straigh forward but what firewall rules do I need for bi directional comms between whitelisted clients etc.


thank you

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Re: Polycom HDX 7000 problems and configuration examples assistance

Hi here.


1. No comment.
2. Yes. The numerous examples of using HDX on public network show that this is absolutely safe.
3. Yes. The main destination of VBP is acting as a firewall traversal.
4. With VBP you have no need to use NAT settings. Here is simplest way to use VBP:
(i) Configure and connect VBP LAN port to your private network.
(ii) Configure and connect VBP WAN port to public network.
(iii) Configure VBP to acting in Embedded Gatekeeper Mode.
(iv) Configure HDX to use VBP as gatekeeper and disable HDX NAT.
(v) Use VBP White/Black list to allow/deny calls.
(vi) Enjoy the results.


Please refer to VBP docs >>> here <<< for more details.


Hope this could help.



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