Polycom Eagle-Eye Cameras


Polycom Eagle-Eye Cameras

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We want Eagle-Eye cameras for HDX 8000 & HDX 9000 to make tracking towards presenter talking ?


We want EagleEye IV camera for RealPresence Group 500 to make tracking towards presenter talking ?






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Re: Polycom Eagle-Eye Cameras

EagleEye Director is dynamic speaker locating technology.  It will dynamically locate a speaker in the room and frame them properly.  With the RealPresence Group Series it has a couple of different modes, direct cut uses both cameras and cuts from one immersive shot using one camera to another immersive shot using the other camera.  In normal mode the system switches between an immersive shot and the establishing shot (a preset that is set by the administrator).  The EagleEye Director uses two of the EagleEye III cameras.  The EagleEye Director is supported on the HDX systems and the RealPresence Group Series.


The EagleEye Producer is dynamic room framing technology.  This technology use a ‘web camera’ in the unit that monitors the room and directs the attached camera, either an EagleEye III or an EagleEye IV, to frame the participants in the room.  This dynamically changes based upon the people in the room.  It also provides analytics that can be used to know the number of people in the room during the call.  The EagleEye Producer is supported on the RealPresence Group Series.  The RealPresence Group Series software version 6.0 introduced a new mode on the EagleEye Producer that will provide  rudimentary dynamic speaker framing capability.

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