Polycom CX5100 360° with Circuit

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Polycom CX5100 360° with Circuit

Hello community,


can you help me please? Does someone know, if i need something special (driver or whatever) for making a call with Circuit on a computer to use a 360° video with another participant using Circuit? Or it just works? Or do i have to install something?
(Circuit is an app: https://www.circuit.com/)

I have Polycom CX5100.


Thank you very much for your answers.


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Re: Polycom CX5100 360° with Circuit

Hello Viliam

The CX5100 (and CX5500) camera provides a unique 360 degree AND active speaker video streams. the panorama stream is designed to work with Microsoft SfB, there is specific signaling that has to be supported by the soft client to utilize this stream. unless Circuit (i am not familiar with that client) implemented that signaling they will not be able to get the 360-degree view. 

it will, however, get active speaker 1080P stream from the CX5100 as well as audio.
I hope that answers your question.


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Re: Polycom CX5100 360° with Circuit



thank you for your response.

What kind of signaling is it? Is it something special? Does it have a name?


Thanks in advance,

Regards Viliam

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