Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)

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Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)

Hi Steffen,


I also opened a case for this issue we are having worldwide on every X50 after the update.


The tracking function is broken, whether you set the zoom to 2-3-4x it the camera seems to just go with the maximum zoom available.


Also group framing won't follow anymore like before just cutting through and not centering the person talking, 


Presenter tracking also has zoom issues, while frame speaker works after deactivating/reactivating tracking if you set a specific value (f.e. 2x) after some times it breaks and zooms to max amount.


The camera also goes black from time to time, we never experienced this.


We tested 10 different devices to be sure of this issue.


Do you have any workaround on this except for disable tracking or do we need tor ollback all of our devices to the previous version?



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Re: Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)

Hello @cpe ,


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Best Regards

Steffen Baier


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Re: Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)

I opened a ticket, it's being investigated, thanks.


It happens also on device mode and poly mode not just teams on all X50, so the title may be misleading.

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Re: Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)



This I could also determine under the 3.14.1 everything works without problems, while under 3.14.2 the group framing works only limited. In the release notes there is also something under the heading "Group Framing" Improvements
This release includes general improvements to the group framing camera tracking feature.


Not sure if this works as expected. I for one have noticed that the group framing feature only does not work correctly when you are alone in the room (then maximum zoom and blurry image) but when a 2nd person enters the room the X50 zooms out again and the image is sharp again.


Kind Regards,


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Re: Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)

Thanks, I've noticed this,

and also the presenter tracking is broken.


Speaker framing is the only one that seems to work also if sometimes the camera has small "hiccups" and after 10 Minutes the zoom setting is lost.


I am in touch with poly support they made me record a video on multiple devices of the issue, x30 too.


This is currently being investigated.

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Re: Poly X50 - Framing is broken (Teams)

any new update and/or resolution?

thank you!

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