No video or audio coming from far side - VSX 7000

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No video or audio coming from far side - VSX 7000

Hello, I am attempting to get 2 VSX 7000e's to connet to a gatekeeper that is on an external VPN connection. The systems connect and the other side gets video and audio but the vsx units do not get video and audio from the gatekeeper. A workstation with m100 software was able to connect to the gaterkeeper and see the video and hear the audio from the vsx units from behind the same firewall that the VSX units are connecting.


software version on the vsx is Release - 04Sep2011 21:27

NAT is enabled on the Sonicwall NSA e7500 firmware 5.8.1

VPN terminates at the firewall with IP range that is only on the firewall

NAT IP has been swapped between the workstation with the m100 software and the vsx units with no change.

Also note there is a polycom QDX 6000 that is on the same site that does work and it's configuration is the same at the Firewall level and on the vsx units


Any ideas or a resolution would be appreciated.

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