No video on one end

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No video on one end

We have audio and video on our side - but the other site only has audio - no video from us.... what to do?

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Re: No video on one end

Hi Tee


funny post.


If you'd like to recieve any useful advices you have to provide more details about your setup: equipment list, software versions, network setup.


but anyway, for you the first step is look to the [FAQ] Video conferencing frequently asked questions


Jun 21,2014 Question: What could be causing one way video or one way audio when utilizing video conferencing?

Answer: Please check the relevant release notes or admin guide for your device under the section “Inbound and Outbound Ports” or "Port usage" => here <= in order to open the relevant firewall ports. 





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Re: No video on one end

Are both ends using the very same configuration on the endpoints ?

The end with only audio has a firewall ?

What about the end where everthing works, whats the network structure ?

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