No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000


No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000



I hope somone around here can help clue me in to what I can do to resolve a problem I have been having. 


Upon joining my current company, I was tasked with getting a HDX-7000 video conference system going that nobody had ever got working right.  A day or two later, I had it working pretty well.  We have two sites that we will be conferencing with, one in Hong Kong, the other in Oregon.  While working with HK, I was able to hear audio from the far site but when I connect to Oregon, I cannot hear any audio from the far site.  Both far sites can hear me fine.  The Oregon far site communicates with another facility in San Antonio and supposedly both parties have no problem hearing each other.


Oregon has a dedicated IP that is wide open to the internet - it is completely segregated from the rest of the business.  No switch, no firewall, nothing.  It is a HDX-8000.  My system is a HDX-7000 with it's own public IP, but must pass through our firewall.  I had port 1720 TCP and 3230-3243 TCP/UDP open and had a NAT from the public IP to the private IP but recently changed my rules to forward ALL TCP/UDP ports to the private IP of the HDX-7000.  It made no difference.


When I call various Polycom test sites, I can hear audio fine, and the call to HK I can hear the far site fine.  So what could the problem be with the Oregon site?


If anybody can give me some bread crumbs to follow here I would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000

Sounds a bit weird.  I assume you are getting Video both directions fine since you did not address that.


What I would suggest is all parties call this test number and run through it. 


Test your video at: or

Digital Video Loopback at:


the only thing I can think of is that the link between the 2 ISPs is blocking the audio, but if video is fine then it does not make sense.


One other thing, are you initiating the call and is the far end set up to mute upon answer and they are not unmuting the call?

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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000

Sorry, yes, video is working fine all around.


I can call the Georgia callback site and everything works fine (can see video, hear audio, site picks up my audio, and can call back fine), and I believe there is another in MA that works that has a "commercial" with video and audio.  I will try the sites you have below and see what happens though.


So far it does not matter if the far site initiates the call or we initiate locally. the far site can always hear us speaking from the near site, but we can never hear anything from the far site in Oregon at the near site.  Confirmed that the far site did not have mute on - I have been testing and using the diagnostics screen and can see the microphone on the far site picking up audio, but on the near site in the diagnostics web page I see no audio on the near site audio diagnostics.  When speaking at the near site I can see in the audio diagnostics that the microphone is picking up audio, and I see it being played back on the far site. 


Thanks for the help.  I will post my results of the test sites.

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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000

I just tried the test sites.  The only thing that failed to work properly was the H239 graphics - I couldn't see the powerpoint.

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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000

Does the far site have the same audio issues if they dial someone other than you? 


Are they stand alone HDX's or are you using them with Sound Structures?


**Stupid question** if they are using the HDX mic pods is the cable plugged in upside down? It will fit if enough pressure is applied.....

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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000

Sorry the gap in reply...I was out of the office on vacation all last week.  Back to my nemesis, the HDX-7000!


The far site apparently does not have audio issues with any other site.  They can contact a facility in San Antonio apparently and not have issues.  


Just a stand alone HDX-8000 at the far site.


They are just using the HDX-8000 mic pod, and I wouldn't think that the cable is in upside down if other sites aren't having the problems I am experiencing.  I can't know for sure though since I would have to fly out to Oregon from Illinois to verify for myself, I just have to go by the far sites word that they don't have problems with anybody else!



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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000



Anybody have any ideas?  I can't think of anything...which is why I'm here  :-)


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Re: No audio from HDX-8000 to HDX-7000

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