New Group Series 700 Codec Black Image

Mark Alessi
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New Group Series 700 Codec Black Image

I went throught the setup wizard, I selected 1920x1080.  When the codec boots it displays the Polycom startup screen and goes to a black image.  On the front of the codec LED it reads 1920x1080 VGA?"   It's not on the IP network yet I need to get the MAC address off of it for my network engineer.  Any thoughts on why it's not displaying a image?  Id there a way to change the resolution with the handheld remote?                            

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Re: New Group Series 700 Codec Black Image

The MAC can be extracted from the Serial Number.   


Serial Number: 8213050FD69BCV

MAC:   00:E0:DB:0F:D6:9B


As for the Black Video, it sounds like the wrong resolution...   Were you plugged in with VGA or HDMI ?


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Gary M

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Mark Alessi
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Re: New Group Series 700 Codec Black Image

The first time I turned on the codec I was connect to VGA.  It went throught the wizard, it provided me an option to select a resolution I selected 1920x1080.  I think this is was messed it up.  Now I am plugged into the HDMI, I see the Polycom splash screen at boot and whenit''s done I only see a black image.  1920x1080 / VGA is on the led on the front of the codec.  maybe I should perform a factory reset and start over.  I thought there might be a way to change the resolution type i.e. VGA to HDMI via the handheld remote or should it auto detect?

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Re: New Group Series 700 Codec Black Image

If you have not selected the input you have the source on you will not get it.  I was confused on where you have the VGA plugged into.  If it is not the camera 1 input it will not send it.  You can, in the configuration menus, select a different input as the main camera, and it has to be defined as People.  You can not select as the main camera a content source.


The monitor output will scale inputs to the right resolution. 



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