New EE4 Camera - Does Not Focus

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New EE4 Camera - Does Not Focus


I have a new out of the box Group 500 with an Eagle Eye 4 using the Poycom Extension Kit. 

It is run with CAT6.


I get an image from the camera and control with the remote. But the camera refuses to auto focus. If i put my hand close it the camer the image with be clear. However a full room, zoomed completly out view, the image does not focus. 


Anyone experience this?




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Re: New EE4 Camera - Does Not Focus

No I have not and I have been testing the Digital Extender for months.


PLEASE make sure you have followed the installation directions as provided in the IRM (Integrator's Reference Manual).  HDBaseT has some very strick rules around the cabling between the points, including the use of solid conductor riser cable, not stranded patch cords/cables.


I would suggest you point the camera toward a small area and you connect the camera directly to the codec to help isolate the problem area.

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