Need help for RealPresence desktop

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Need help for RealPresence desktop


While trying the 'RealPresence Desktop', After successfull down load. I place the IP address on the dial pad and select dial. After about 30 seconds, a message, "Far End Unreachable - Try again later'   We tried different IP numbers and received the same error. I am trying to connect from NY to Pasadena Ca. Any ideas or help.

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Re: Need help for RealPresence desktop

Hi Patsy,

There could be a range of reasons why this call is not being allowed to go through. One of the most common ones and a good place to start is that either your NY or Pasadena firewall is blocking the ports nessesary to allow this call to establish itself. 


I would recommend reading over this Tips document from Polycom. If this does not fall in your scope, then I would recommend passing it on to your Network team for review. 

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