Low Volume After Upgrading to Poly 4.0

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Low Volume After Upgrading to Poly 4.0



I have a 20+ Poly x50s and TC8s in Teams mode.  The volume setting to hear remote attendees has never needed to be changed from the default on the TC8 but after upgrading them to and using Teams 1449/ the volume is very quiet.  The settings on the TC8 needs to be increased to 90%.


I have 1 unit I am testing with Teams 1449/ and the issue is the same.  MS has just released another version (1449/ which I am not looking at yet as they have not released any notes on it.


The only audio settings changed from default I am applying to in LENS policy is:  Enable Polycom StereoSurround


No other settings have changed in the webgui.


Audio was not a problem with 3.14.1 before the upgrade.


Any ideas?



edit: the TC8s are running Teams 1449/

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