LED TV's and HDX 7000

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LED TV's and HDX 7000

Will an LED TV work with the HDX 7000 Units?

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Re: LED TV's and HDX 7000

Yes, so long as you have the appropriate inputs, or have the correct cabling to connect from the DVI outputs on the HDX to the inputs on your Monitor. Also, be sure the monitor supports the resolutions you are expecting to display.


For Example:


1920x1080 - 1080p HD

1280x720   - 720p HD





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Re: LED TV's and HDX 7000

You can use a LED TV as the output for an HDX system, Just be aware that unlike a monitor, most of the newer TV's use Post Processing in thier images, and will delay the audio/video to clean up the image.


This can effect a few things, like the echo canceller failing and not being able to hit it's window. Or talking over the other person in your conference.


Usually most TV's that have post processing will have a feature to shut this off, usually a "Game Mode" or a way to shut this off.


This is why Polycom uses monitors for it's codecs and suggests them.

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Re: LED TV's and HDX 7000

I can attest to the fact that the images will look quite excellent on a quailty LED LCD display.  I have a pair of Samsung 22" LED panels which support 1080p connected to an HDX8000 in my home office and the video quality is top-notch.


Thanks for the PP tip, I have not noticed any syncing or delay issues but I'll check my displays to see if they have any PP settings enabled currently.

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Re: LED TV's and HDX 7000

Yes LED / LCD HD TV's that are available in market will work HOWEVER we have noticed that when you connect any of the HDX 7000 or the HDX 8000 series from the codec when you connect using teh DVI to HDMI you will have issues with Audio because normally from a HDMI to HDMI cable you both Video & Audio signals go through the same cable BUT when you connect your HDX DVI output using the DVI to HDMI cable NO AUDIO so you will have to give the RCA audio OUTPUT from your Codec to another audio input in the TV's BUT most of the latest TV's DO NOT Have a seperate assigned port for audio. we had this situation at client site and we had to route teh Audio through another Audio equipment this was our experience

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Re: LED TV's and HDX 7000

I have found this posting during my investigations for the echo problem on my HDX7000. The described situation is exactly that we have. I have connect a LED TV on the DVI port to the HDMI port on the TV. Because of there is no sound coming out of DVI from the HDX7000 and also I do not have a sound input on my TV , I have connected a separate external working sound equipment connected to the Audio out Port #1. That all is theoretical looking fine and is basically the same setting like in your posting. But the problem is that our remote client users are complaining echoes which I cannot identify where they are coming from.

The question now is. As I have the setup exactly as described in your posting- where is echo coming from.

Any idea ?

Any suggesting are welcome- Thanks in advance

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Re: LED TV's and HDX 7000

Hi there tpietsch,


You may have the audio connected to the wrong set of RCA outputs on the back of the Polycm unit.  There is a left and right for your speakers, and another set for your recording device or VCR.  The VCR output also mixes the sound from the microphone attached to the Polycom, so if you have speakers connected to that output you will get an echo.


The audio issue is a bit of a pain, but you will generally find that most TVs have a VGA input on them with a 3.5mm audio input.  If you use a DVI to VGA adapter and run VGA into your television, you can also run an RCA to 3.5mm into the TV which will solve the problem.




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