Is the Poly Studio X50 compatible with HDMI splitters?

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Is the Poly Studio X50 compatible with HDMI splitters?


We have a Poly Studio X50 with the serial # 8L2019563D7DFB. The Poly Studio X50 is connected to a Sony Bravia FW-65BZ35F, and to a wall plate that is connected directly to an Epson BrightLink 595Wi, right above a whiteboard, where the projector projects onto. The Poly Studio X50 is set up as a Zoom room, so if an employee or town member wants to host a Zoom meeting on the Bravia, they can also share content to the projector, projecting onto the whiteboard, perpendicular to the TV. Occasionally we have people who just want to share what is on their laptop's display to the whiteboard/projector. In those circumstances, the individual, or party, will have to unplug the HDMI cable, attached to the Poly Studio X50, from the wall plate, plug another HDMI cable into the wall plate, then connect that new HDMI cable to their laptop; that way they can connect their laptop directly to the projector. Often times, the individual or party in mention will not reconnect the Poly Studio X50 back to the wall plate. Others will come in for a Zoom meeting, unaware that the Poly is not connected to the wall plate, leaving them unable to share content. The solution, of course, is to disconnect the HDMI cable used for screen sharing, and reconnect the HDMI cable from the Poly Studio X50 back into the wall plate. A lot of users don't know this and do not read the instructions accompanied with the room.


My team is trying to create a solution where no one has to disconnect anything from the wall plate. This solution is/was an HDMI splitter. This way, if someone comes in with the intention of JUST projecting the content on their laptop to the whiteboard/projector, they do not have to disconnect the Poly Studio X50 from the wall. The individual will turn the projector, not the TV, on and connect their laptop, vice versa.


The issue we are encountering is that the HDMI splitter we purchased is not working properly with the Poly. We have tried the splitter with other HDMI-compatible devices and experienced no issues. The steps we take are plugging the HDMI splitter into the HDMI port on the wall plate, connected to the projector, and then connecting the HDMI cable from the Poly Studio X50 to the HDMI splitter that is connected to the wall. We receive no signal, no matter which HDMI port on the splitter we select. Nevertheless, when we connect both the Poly Studio X50 and another device to the HDMI splitter, the Poly Studio X50 is able to communicate with the projector/white board. It’s perplexing to say the least.


The HDMI splitter in question is Fosmon 3-Port HDMI Switcher. I have no problem returning this product and trying something else; however, I am trying to figure out what is preventing the Poly Studio X50 from working with the Fosmon switcher properly before purchasing another switcher. Thank you for any assistance you can offer!

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Re: Is the Poly Studio X50 compatible with HDMI splitters?

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Third-party switcher/splitter is not currently supported with Poly X50. Hence, it may not work.

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Re: Is the Poly Studio X50 compatible with HDMI splitters?

Maybe you can use my configuration.
Poly Studio is on Zoom Room mode.
Miracast (Wireless display) is not available in Zoom Room mode, so, I plug a Wireless Adaptateur (Miracast Microsoft 4K) on the Poly input HDMI.
When people have to use the TV, they use the TC8, sliding on right and select "Peripherals Mode", then the Poly switch the display from the HDMI input.

People on windows PC have just to do a "Windows-K" shortcut and they can share screen with no more action.


Hope it can help you. If you need more precision, I can tell you more.

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