How to Swap Software Images


How to Swap Software Images



How to swap software images in the VSX and HDX series?.

Is there any command for swapping software images?

How to downgared to previous software version?

Is ther any command to check the  flash memory size?




Mallikarjun J


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Polycom Employee

Re: How to Swap Software Images

If you mean by Swap images you mean upgrade and downgrade the codec, there should be instructions on the polycom website when you download the latest software.  There is no command to check the flash size.


For the HDX, you can upgrade or downgrade through the WEB UI by uploading the .pup file.


As for the VSX, You download a package and run that executable on your PC. directing it to the IP of the codec to upgrade.


Of course, you will need all corrisponding upgrade keys if you are jumping major revisions of the software. Hoped this informatiopn helped a bit.

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Re: How to Swap Software Images

Thanks for the info.


In Tandberg there is a option for swapping the software images. I thought that  this option is avalable in the Polycom  endpoints also, but  it is not there in Polycom endpoints.


However thanks for the info.  

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