HDX8000 to HDMI Switchbox to Capture Card


HDX8000 to HDMI Switchbox to Capture Card

guys i need some help with my setup


i have a HDX 8000 and it connects to a HDMI switchbox so i can send the Polycom Video to any monitor i choose however i would also like to broadcast via PC capture card so i connect my HDMI switchbox to my capture card but i know i am missing some other setup but can't figure it out


Any help is appreciated

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Re: HDX8000 to HDMI Switchbox to Capture Card

Assuming you are using passive cables for the DVI-I to HDMI conversion.


The DVI-I output of the HDX product line does not provide any audio, so in your configuration you will need to add audio. 


You should use the audio to the PC capture that is coming off the VCR output so you have both local and far end audio.  If you use the s-video VCR output of the HDX 8000 you could use that which would automate some of what is being sent to the capture card.

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