HDX8000-720 & Skype For Business

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HDX8000-720 & Skype For Business



We have a board room with a HDX8000-720 system. We have a desktop in the boardroom which mirrors its screen to a big screen on the wall. EagleEye Camera and HDX Ceilin Microphone.


I've read this faq entry:


"c) Does Skype4B support Polycom old equipment HDX 7000/8000 models ?
This is achievable using Polycom RealConnect technology, which allows multiple bi-directional video and content streams to be send/receive between Skype4B clients and standard room Endpoints. Contact your Polycom representative for more details."


I know this equipment is old, but is it possible for me to utilize the room's hardware to connect to Skype for Business, GotoMeeting, or other web meeting services?

What other products/add ons would I need? How would it work?


The only solution we have found is H323 connector, where you dial into a created meeting in the cloud with the system. Kind of a work around (and takes several steps) instead of a direct connection.


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