HDX endpoints rebooting and de-registering from the gatekeeper

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HDX endpoints rebooting and de-registering from the gatekeeper



We are experiencing issues with HDX endpoints randomly rebooting. It is not always the same endpoint and there does not seem to be any particular pattern to the reboots. First of all I should probably lay out what we are running for a system.


We are a medium sized organization with 115 endpoints which are mostly all HDX 9000, 8000 and 7000's with the odd Tandberg (1) View Station (1) and VSX 7000 (4) thrown in to the mix. All HDX endpoints are running version software with the exception of 12 9002's that running for for configuration reasons.


All endpoints are registered to an RMX 4000 running software version 5.0.0.ER54. We have an RMX 2000 running MCU version


Ok, so here is what is happening.


1, Endpoints that reboot at random times. As far as I can tell there does not seem to be any pattern to the reboots. They happen during calls, when the endpoint is idle or when a call is being initiated. I notice most reboots when the call is being initiated but that might be that I am usually watching these events so I am on hand to see them happen. There is no particular endpoint or site that seems to be affected any more than another and I have not noticed any reboots happening on any of the non HDX endpoints.


2. Endpoints randomly de-register themselves from the gatekeeper or so it says on the CMA, even though the endpoint itself shows that it is still registered in the system status of the endpoints web interface. If we reboot the endpoint a couple of times it will re-register itself again but having endpoints drop off the CMA whenever they want is not ideal.


3. When endpoints de-register themselves from the CMA the CMA does not release the license that it was using so when we re-register the errant endpoint it grabs another license from the CMA's pool of licenses. After a short period of time we max out on our licenses on the CMA and then we cannot re-register any more endpoints until we reboot the CMA to force it to release all those unused licenses.


I am pretty sure that Polycom will tell me that we should upgrade all endpoints, the RMX and the CMA to the latest software and I believe we should do that but what I want to know is why this would start happening in just the last month or so and why it seems to be increasing in severity as time passes. Six month ago none of these things were happening and as far as I know there have been no changes made to our system or network.


Does anyone have anything to offer or any idea what might be going on.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: HDX endpoints rebooting and de-registering from the gatekeeper

Hello Gord,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


The first place you should be checking are the HDX Logs.


I am unsure if both 2.x.x and 3.x.x HDX would show the exact same "rebooting" scenario and the best way forward if reproducible would be to span a port to check via Wireshark what is happening.


You could them scan for something like this: h323ras: cmEvRASTimeout: did not receive response for


Any troubleshooting effort for a installation of your size is completely outside the scope of the community and I can only advise you to work with your Polycom Reseller to get this brought to the attention of Polycom support.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services


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Re: HDX endpoints rebooting and de-registering from the gatekeeper

I know it is polycom standard advice, but you really ought to be upgrading those units, and especially the CMA to 6.01 - as its a major upgrade. I've seen 9000's randomly reboot on that software revision - and the same thing - just started doing it one day as there were all sorts of issues with 9000's (PSU, content etc etc)

Personally, I'd get all of them up to date (work around what ever the config issue is) then the CMA and RMX and then see where you are. A Polycom reseller (or any good one) is going to advise the same thing before they start investigating anything

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Re: HDX endpoints rebooting and de-registering from the gatekeeper

Thanks for the advice Sharps, I agree we should upgrade all our devices to the latest software revision as soon as possible and I am pushing to make this a reality but in an organization the size of ours (30,000 + employees) the wheels of change turn slowly.


I was just putting the question out there on this forum in the hopes that there are others that have faced the same sort of issues and if they had how they dealt with them. If there was anything that could be done outside of upgrading the software upgrade that may be of benefit.





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