HDX 9006 using POTS

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HDX 9006 using POTS

I have an HDX 9006, software version 3.0.1-10628.  It is configured to use POTS and works as expected when in a call.  The problem arises when I try and dial off our campus which requires a dialing prefix of 8.  Each time I do this I am routed directly to the main campus switchboard.  I have worked with our telecome support and they have traced the calls.  They say it looks like the system is dialing a 0.  I am not dialing a 0 and I have check the Telephony settings and there is no dialing prefix set up.  I manually dial the 8 each time I place a call.  To confuse matters more when I place the call via the web interface the call goes through as expected.  When I use the Polycom touch interface this is when the problem presents itself.  Using the web interface is not an option for our end users.  Does anybody have any idea what the problem might be?  


Any help is greatly appreciated.   

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Re: HDX 9006 using POTS

Did you check  System > Admin Settings > General Settings > Location ->International Dialing Prefix ?  

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