HDX 8000Content Sharing With VS4000

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HDX 8000Content Sharing With VS4000

Hi All,

Can someone tell me if Content Sharing from an HDX800 to a Legacy VS4000 will work, I have been trying with no luck, I thought I rememberd something about "basic" mode? Any info would help



VS4000 Software Version: Release FX - 26 Jun 2008

HDX8000 Software Version: Release - 3.1.13-55006

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Re: HDX 8000Content Sharing With VS4000

The VS 400 used a pre-H.329 version of content sharing so any content sharing there will be as video and not as content.

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Re: HDX 8000Content Sharing With VS4000

Actually, I believe it should work.  VS4000 does not support H.239.  However, VS4000 and HDX 8000 both supports "Enterprise People+Content", Polycom's proprietary way to sending and receiving content which existed before H.239.


"Basic Mode" (now called "Diagnostic Mode") will cause the system not to negotiate content video channel at all, and whatever you try to send as content video will most likely be sent over people video channel....in H.261 (not an ideal situation).


You might want to update the HDX 8000 to the latest software version and try.  Good luck.

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