HDX 8000 screen issue

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HDX 8000 screen issue

Hi Experts,


I'm completely new to this and I'm coming at it as a Network Engineer who has been asked to troubleshoot some connectivity issues between two Telepresence devices.


Each end has 3 screens, each with an associated codec. TO cut a long story short, when you dial between the two sites, the conference starts, but only the end two screens display the other site, the middle screen remains showing the local view. I'm led to believe that the middle screen/codec combo is the "Control" device.


The connection is over an IPSEC VPN between two Checkpoint Firewalls, with a third Cisco ASA firewall behind one of the Checkpoints.


Firewall logs/packet traces show that the Codecs attempt to establish a connection via H323 on port 1720, this gets refused by the remote endpoint (TCP FIN or TCP-Reset depending on which box) and then it tries via SIP. It then connects but only shows two of three screens, as well as Audio.


We've tried the various SIP & H323 inspection/Fixup issues (Disabling, enabling etc) on the Cisco firewalls.

Anyone aware of any known issues with this kind of setup? We have verified that VPN connectivity is good - from a laptop configured with the same IP as the VC unit I can ping all devices at either end, browse to them over HTTP/HTTPS etc so basic network connectivity appears to be good.

Any info much appreciated,





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Re: HDX 8000 screen issue

Hi there,


Isnt that a configuration problem on the HDX ?

Could you post a picture of the runing tvs on the room ?


Have you checked the fields on "Admin configs" - "monitors"

There are some boxes that you have to check and choose what wich monitor will be responsible for.


U know ?

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