HDX 8000 - camera issue

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HDX 8000 - camera issue

Today we just moved our HDX 8000 to a new room. When powering on the polycom the camera spins, so it end up pointing the the left. I can still on the remote turn the camera up and down, but to the sides is not possible.


Has it somehow lost it calibration. It was remoted really gently so it should not be broken by it.


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Re: HDX 8000 - camera issue

If I understand correctly, the camera will pan (left & right) not tilt (up & down).  What about zoom, does that work?


If pan and zoom both work, I would recommend powering downt the unit, disconnecting BOTH ends of the HDCI camera cable, and then connect it back up tightening the connections and powering up the unit.  If that does not work than I would say you have a damaged camera, either order one from your Polycom reseller or check on-line.  You could also use it to trade in on a new Polycom Group Series solution.

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