HDX 8000 Call Rate Drops Mid-Call

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HDX 8000 Call Rate Drops Mid-Call

We've been using our HDX 8000's for room to room calls over our WAN with no issues for several years, but in the past week or so calls with one of the sites have been dropping from 1024k to 128k at random. Is this a known issue or something anyone else has experienced?


To the participants it looks like what would happen if the one of the circuits was congested, but we've verified that there is ample bandwidth available (over 5 MB below capacity on each side). We also checked our switch and router configs and confrimed that there were no changes to them. The only difference between now and before the issue arose is that one side has been upgraded to firmware version 3.1.6 while the other is still on 3.1.4.

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Re: HDX 8000 Call Rate Drops Mid-Call

What do the stats say on the lost packets and if LPR (Lost Packet Recovery) is active (the algorithm will be green colored letters).


Capacity is not as important as is the jitter on the network, if you jitter is too high that can signal the LPR that there is network issues and it will drop the speed to attempt to recover the video without packet loss.

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Re: HDX 8000 Call Rate Drops Mid-Call

Far side is the problem unit.


Avg Packets Lost Tx/Rx: 0.5 / 6 and 1 / 1.5

Avg Latency Tx/Rx: 49 / 49 and 52 / 52

Maximum latency Tx/Rx: 88 / 88 and 87 / 87

Avg Jitter Tx/Rx: 6 / 221 and 6 / 15

Max Jitter Tx/Rx: 12 / 1067 and 14 / 256


I'm unfamiliar with LPR. Where would that be displayed?

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Re: HDX 8000 Call Rate Drops Mid-Call

I've recently learned about a problem when sending content that sometimes the bandwidth spliting is not recovered.   This means that each time you send content the bandwidth is divided in half (by default).   When you stop sending content, there should be a recovery of that bandwidth back to the calling rate.   This bug does not allow the recovery..  


I don't know that this is your problem but you could try disabling "Dynamic Bandwidth" from the web gui..   Network -> IP Network -> Dynamic Bandwidth and try the call again (with any content you send)..   This "May" help with your problem.


Good luck,


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